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Dror Lardin '05 awarded the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans

Dror Ladin '05 has recently been awarded the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. This prestigious fellowship includes a $20,000 grant for two years of graduate study for naturalized U.S. citizens or the children of two naturalized citizens. Dror is using the grant to attend Yale Law School. He plans to begin his career in human rights litigation and advocacy and later to become a professor of law, focusing on issues of social and racial justice. Born in Boston in 1983, Dror is the son of two naturalized U.S. citizens, who were born in Israel and immigrated to the U.S. in 1978.

As a junior at Vassar, Dror was awarded a Burnam fellowship to work at MADRE, a Human rights organization in NYC focused on the rights of women and their families. For the year following Vassar, Dror received a Compton Mentor Fellowship to support his work at the African American Policy Forum, where he designed and led workshops for high school students about affirmative action. Dror plans to continue working with the Affirmative Action Media Intervention Project, where he will help develop a curriculum to teach future college students how to be affirmative action advocates.

As he wrote in his application, "I have long been impressed by the way the American judicial system acts as a protective agent, shielding vulnerable minority communities from potential threats and ensuring fundamental rights for all. I believe I can most effectively contribute to this vital work by gaining a Juris Doctor. I intend to use my legal training to become an attorney at one of a number of organizations devoted to preserving domestic civil rights and promoting human rights internationally. Ultimately, I aspire to bring the knowledge and skills I gain from litigation to academia, where I hope to involve both students and the general public in the work of defending human rights and freedoms."