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National Science Foundation

Kathleen May Munson '06 to support her work in Geosciences - Chemical Oceanography at  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology   

Eliot T Miller '05 to support his work in Life Sciences - Ecology at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis

Kerry Lizbeth Douma MacQuarrie '95 to support her work in Social Sciences - Demography at the University of Washington

Patricia Marie Gordon '06 to support her work in  Life Sciences - Biochemistry at Columbia University

Daniella Julia Furman '04 to support her work in Psychology - Physiological at Stanford University

Honorable Mention goes to...

Emily Adlin Bosk '03 studying Sociology at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Lisl Ye Esherick '08 studying Life Sciences - Population Genetics at UCLA

Maria E Jalbrzikowski '03 studying Developmental Psychology at UCLA

Tessa K Solomon-Lane '08 studying Life Sciences - Neurosciences at Georgia State University

Stephanie Ann Quezada '08 studying Psychology - Social, Cognition, Neuroscience at the University of Texas at El Paso