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Fulbright Recipients Announced

Samuel Anderson '09 has been awarded a grant to Morocco. Sam plans to interview Moroccan veterans of the French Army in World War Two about their experiences during and after the war in Europe and their participation in the Moroccan nationalist movement of the 1950s. The goal of this project is to collect and publish these oral histories for the use of future scholars.

Ethan Bien ‘04   has been awarded a grant to Russia to study Soviet animation, the people who produced it and the techniques they used. Through a research-based internship and conducting interviews with surviving animators, he will explore the working environment and the techniques that were used, particularly in the nineteen eighties.

Allison Bloom '09 English Teaching Assistantship to Uruguay. Allison intends to use her time as an ETA to gain first-hand experience in promoting international collaboration through education. In the future she plans to work in the international community to promote the improvement of the status of women worldwide. Specifically, she hopes to foster gender-conscious education as a vital tool towards curbing and preventing violence against women.

Laura Fletcher '09 has been awarded a grant to China to examine the theories and techniques being taught to counselors in Beijing. She will then use a sample of schools in the city (middle school through the university level) to see how or if those principles and techniques are actually being used in school counseling. Laura plans to conduct a similar study in the city of Qingdao so she can compare the application or execution of psychological theories and techniques based on school location and level.

Frenkel photo

photo of Michael Frenkel

Michael Frenkel '09 has been awarded an English Teaching Assistantship to Spain. Outside of the classroom, Michael hopes to establish an English language debate society (potentially even a circuit among a few local high schools) and to study Spanish federalism at a local university.

Geoff Hilsabeck '03 English Teaching Assistantship to Portugal. Geoff will be teaching Contemporary US History and Culture in the Fall semester and English as a Second Language in the Spring at the University of Lisbon. He plans also to lead conversation groups outside the university, in his neighborhood, the Alfama. Beyond that, Geoff hopes to learn about, and translate, contemporary Portuguese poetry.

Kaiman photo

Jonathan Kaiman '09 has been awarded a grant to China to study the impact of modernity on the musical traditions of the Yi people in Southwestern China. Jon believes that the Yi, numbering 8 million, are fascinating for their diversity in exposure to mainstream Chinese life. For this reason, he plans to study the temporal development of their music as a function of their geography, the distance between remote villages and cities reflecting that between their ancient past and dynamic present. Read about his journey on his blog! 8/12/2011: Jon has recently published an article in the NY Times, check it out! 6/19/2012: Jon keeps on writing... check out his most recent article "Pit of Dreams."

Acacia O'Connor '08 English Teaching Assistantship to Italy. Acacia is interested in writing essays or maintaining a blog about her experiences and cultural observances while doing an ETA. As part of the experience she plans to continue her studies and would also like to involve herself in the local community by coaching youth basketball or soccer leagues and through involvement in youth groups.

Kristina Poznan ’08  English Teaching Assistantship to Hungary.  Kristina hopes to further connect with Hungarian culture and the community by taking courses in Hungarian history, volunteering at a youth organization, and by joining a local church and fencing club. She plans  to report back on her experiences to the Hungarian-American community by writing articles for several small publications.

Photo of Alexander Steinberg

photo by© Vassar College/ Ben Rutkowski '09 

Alexander "Sasha" Steinberg '09 has been awarded a grant to Russia to embark on a critical investigation of public arts in Moscow through the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU). Employing methodologies of both analytic arts criticism and ethnographic inquiry, he will examine the complex urban realities of identity and space as expressed through the highly visible but often politically marginalized instances of artistic production and reception.

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