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Fulbright Recipients Announced


Emily Antenucci '10  ETA Italy-Emily plans to teach English using drama-based activities and explore cross-cultural communication through the examination and practice of Italian and American theatrical traditions, She also hopes to take theatre classes and organize productions within the local community.

Nathan Hall ‘04 to Iceland to pursue his work in music composition. He will be writing music that explores the connections between Icelandic culture and the natural landscape. He hopes to meet many musicians and artists during his stay, culminating in an installation of his work.

Thomas Heuser '05 to Germany for Orchestral Conducting. Thomas will join the conducting studio of Maestro Bruno Weil, professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, where he plans to finish his doctoral dissertation on the application of historically-informed performance practices with modern orchestras.  He was awarded a Doctoral Fellowship through the German Fulbright-Kommission and has moved to Munich with his wife, violinist Lauren Avery (Vassar '04).

Eric Langhans '08 ETA Ecuador- When not in the classroom he will work in a public health center in order to promote health education to underserved populations. He will look at how health information is conveyed to the community, specifically to indigenous pgroups, in order to develop a more culture-specific approach.

Megan Lau '07 ETA South Korea- Megan hopes to gain perspective on contemporary Korean society through the multiple lenses that the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship affords--as a teacher, host family member, community participant, and student of the Korean language.  As an elementary school English teacher, she looks forward to involvement in extracurricular activities like leading an art club class.

Nora Lewin '08 ETA South Korea- Nora plans to use this opportunity as a way to reconnect with her birth country as well to facilitate a dynamic cultural exchange between the US and Korea. When not teaching in secondary school, she hopes to learn Korean cooking, traditional crafts, and painting.

Katie Paul '07 to Syria to pursue her interest in the development, future prospects, and motivations of Syrias waiting generation, the rising demographic group of young people facing unemployment rates six times higher than those of their elders. She plans to collect oral testimony from urban youth about their professional aspirations, then develop a multimedia project that both documents her research and allows them to share their experiences.

Kathleen (Tori) Marroquin Perkins '08 ETA Spain- Her goal is to begin experiencing the field of international teaching. In addition to teaching, she will create an after-school English round table tutoring group to encourage students who either struggle or have not had as much experience with the language. She would also take university courses in Catalan language and politics to interact with the country academically as its student.

Joanna Tsai '08 to Sweden to conduct two experiments to test the effects of kitchen waste on biogas production and to evaluate the effects that hydrolysis and cleaning detergents may have on this energy source. She will audit two Water Resources Master-level courses at Lund University and write a research manuscript for publication. Read about Joanna's experience so far in her blog

Robert Voigt '08 to Taiwan to build upon his undergraduate work in translation by spending a year at NTNU in Taipei to deepen his understanding of Chinese-language poetry and begin an in-depth study into translation theory. This project will provide him with greater tools for working in poetry translation as a means of cultural exchange, a foundation of upon which he will build in a PhD program upon returning to the US.

Nicole Weindling '10 to China to study the ways in which Chinese provincial museums articulate their local history and identity. She will be based at Shaanxi Normal University in Xi'an, where she will audit museum studies courses while volunteering at Shaanxi History Museum. Her study will also include Zhejiang and Hunan Provincial museums, both of which have invited me to volunteer and complete research. Check out Nicole's blog

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