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Compton Recipient Announced

Emma Coates-Finke has been awarded the Compton Mentor Fellowship to work on her project for the year entitled:

“Campamento San Clemente” in San Clemente, Ecuador

Check out her blog!

After a semester in Ecuador during her junior year, Emma returned to San Clemente in the summer of 2010, supported by the Vassar College Burnam fellowship, to work with Juan Guatemal Pupiales, President, Grupo de Turismo Comunitario San Clemente, on a summer program where they taught painting and photography to children with an emphasis on identity and self-representation. This work was guided by Wendy Ewald’s book I Wanna Take Me a Picture, which describes her curriculum for empowering children through photography.

As Emma describes in her application materials…”With the funds from the Compton, a deeper understanding of the community of San Clemente and a lot more time to plan, I will work with the community to expand and localize the program into a full-scale, community-based arts campamento. The two primary goals of the project are 1) to support culturally relevant, community based education, and 2) to engage the children of San Clemente in self-representation and the exploration of community identity through the arts.

Juan Guatemal Pupiales, President, Grupo de Turismo Comunitario San Clemente (San Clemente Community Tourism Group) will serve as her mentor.

Compton Mentor Fellowship Program Overview

“The Compton Foundation created the Mentor Fellowship Program to promote the creativity and support the commitment of graduating seniors as they move beyond academic preparation to focus on continuing ‘real world’ application and contribution. The Fellowship is intended to be for one year (with a stipend of $30,000), and will begin at the annual mid-July gathering of Fellows held in the San Francisco area.

The Compton Mentor Fellowship Program is based on the belief that life-changing experiences occur when formal learning becomes transformed by action. Such complementary learning helps one see – and appreciate – the larger world through different eyes and a broadened perspective. In a sense, each Fellow co-creates the program: the pragmatic, self-directed nature of the Fellowship experience is meant to deepen and enrich knowledge, and guide Fellows to apply new understanding of themselves and the world in original ways.

The Compton Mentor Fellowship Program welcomes innovative projects that encompass elements of the Foundation’s funding interests in environment and sustainability, peace and conflict resolution, climate change and energy policy, or population and reproductive health.  Proposed Fellowship projects should reflect a candidate's genuine interest in, and commitment to, a specific concern. In sum, the project should be personally meaningful and of significant social merit.”