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Fulbright Recipients Announced

Olivia Arguinzoni ’11 ETA to Brazil “I am specifically interested in teaching English in Brazil because I would like to be a part of the growing connection between the United States and Brazil. I bring enthusiasm, proficiency in Portuguese, and an already established foundation with Brazilian culture.”

Christine Cruz ’11 ETA to Spain I wish to apply to the ETA program because I want to ensure that children have positive educational experiences; I will learn from my students as they learn from me. In Spain, I hope to reconcile what it means to be Hispanic and the differences between Latino/a, Hispanic, and Spanish.”

Diana Heise ’01 will travel to Mauritius to “produce performance works that respond to and incorporate the creative traditions of literature, maroonage, and dance developed by Mauritians to challenge the oppression of labor diaspora. These pieces will be videotaped and combined with other performances produced in New Orleans and the Caribbean. This project aims to make positive associations between diaspora communities in Mauritius, America, and the Caribbean to inspire greater mutual understanding.” Read about her journey on her blog.

Gabrielle Kotkov ’10 ETA to Italy I have a strong background in Italian language and culture, as well as language teaching experience both in the U.S. and in Italy. As an ETA in Italy, I will fully immerse myself in Italian culture, refining my Italian language skills and exchanging perspectives and experiences with students and with other people I meet. Outside of the classroom, I will also take art history and culture classes at the local university, and hope to volunteer at a local art museum.” Read about hear journey on her blog.

Jane Manchon ’11 ETA to Thailand “I am uniquely qualified to teach English because I am a creative writer, published poet, speaker of two foreign languages, and halfway through a TESOL certification course. I think Thailand will be a very hospitable environment for a new, enthusiastic teacher, and presents a year long experience unlike anything else I've encountered.”

Jessica Peng '11 ETA to Indonesia "With my International Studies foci in Education and Economics, I am interested in comparative education in various developing economie, particularly those in Asia. I have had several experiences living in Asia. Additionally, I have training in English teaching (CELTA) and have taught in Vietnam for six months. Indonesia appeals to me in particular for its large and influential economy, both on the regional scale and global scale, and its diverse demographic."