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Vassar students and Alumnae/i awarded Fulbright Fellowships for 2012-2013

Jeremy Arthur ’10
English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Turkey

“Having studied Turkey as an undergraduate at Vassar College and University College London, as well as traveled through the country in 2009, I have had a growing desire to return and more fully immerse myself in what I believe is an exceptionally dynamic and engaging culture. My time in Turkey was one of the most influential in my life, and with a background replete with educational experience, I would like the opportunity to reengage with an ETA.”

Grace Cannon ’10

To conduct “a research project that would consider the significance of the  mythologization of the Western American Frontier in and around Berlin, Germany. Through this research project, I want to better understand the function of preserving the idea of the mythic American Old West through the creation of nostalgic space and through storytelling within Germany and to explore the authenticity of experience in such a space.”

Hear more about her project in her own words at Sheridan

Emma Coates-Finke ’11
English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Guatemala

“From the Assistantship in Guatemala I hope to expand my experience in cross-cultural education and language teaching under the guidance of an experienced teacher. I come to the program having already lived in Latin America and have a strong sense of what it means to be an American abroad. I also have experience teaching English to both children and adults.”

Erica Licht ’10

“Based upon the lack of nature education for urban youth of Lagos, Nigeria the study will: explore this relationship with support of Dr. Abubakar Momoh at Lagos State University; investigate life skills/environmental education programs through guest facilitation at the Search for Common Ground; analyze connections with the juvenile justice system through partnership with the Alternatives to Violence Project; to ultimately assess program implementation.”

Follow her blog, A Justified Outdoors: A Fulbright Fellow's Exploration of Youth, Community, Justice & the Outdoors in the U.S., Nigeria, and Beyond.

Julia Nethero ’12

“To ensure balanced and inclusive government policy, more women need to be involved in Chinese government. Beginning with coursework on women, development, and politics, I will study the efficacy of NGOs in the movement to empower women to participate in government. Under the guidance of Professor Yang, I will participate in the projects of one or two Shaanxi-based NGOs who focus on women in government so that I can observe the success of their methods.”

Follow her journey on her blog, White Rice.

Tanay Tatum ’12 ETA
South Africa

“I believe that in order for equality to exist, everyone must have access to adequate education. English is a necessary in order to navigate the international business and political realm, and operate in a global economy. I want to give students the tools they need to remain competitive in a globalized market, therefore, I am interested in teaching in order to create increase access to the language tool of English.” Read about her Makupula Library Project on her blog!

Karolyn Upham '07

"[To] pursue my interest in environmental economics and sustainable development, using the Bangladesh Sundarbans as a case study.  In collaboration with the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh, my proposed research will address two main questions: (1) what is the total economic value (TEV) of the Sundarbans ecosystem services and (2) how can that information be used to mainstream biodiversity conservation into development."

Veronica Weser '12

"I intend to research the phenomena of developmental dyslexia and dysgraphia in Japan by reviewing literature that is not available in English. I plan to supplement classes in language and linguistics with self instruction in order to compile an English language review of original Japanese research. I hope to participate in current research projects in this field by contributing insight from my own personal experience with dysgraphia."

Daniel Wong '12
English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Germany

"I think teaching allows for personal growth and mutual understanding between my students and me. As a teaching assistant, I can bring my previous teaching experience and my enthusiasm for creative collaboration in the classroom to the program. I want to return to Germany because I find the cultural dynamics there very exciting and hope to be a part of it in order to better understand Germany."