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WK Rose Fellowship

The WK Rose Committee is pleased to announce that Corydon Cowansage '08, a painter, who completed her degree in Art at Vassar, is the recipient of the WK Rose Fellowship this year:
The committee was “unanimously impressed with her majestic artwork.  She produces intelligent paintings, both conceptually and visually.” 
The Art faculty on the committee commented:
"Corydon's paintings are about the meeting of depiction and geometric abstraction.  The work talks to the visual environment as well as to issues of contemporary art. Often she will present the viewer with a composite image of a space that seems possible but is not.  In viewing these works we try very hard to make the space behave and to find relationships that we can equate with existing reality – we just about do, certainly want to, but in the end we cannot. We are then left with artifice, with the knowledge that this is a flat surface, an artificial construct, art."

For more information visit our website: WK Rose Fellowship