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WK Rose Fellowship

The WK Rose Committee is pleased to announce that William Healy ‘12, a composer, who completed his degree in Music with a correlate in Environmental Land-Use Geography at Vassar, is the recipient of the WK Rose Fellowship this year:

The WK Rose committee comments:

“Will was one of the Music Department's most brilliant students: an exceptional pianist, who twice won the department concerto competition; an unusually mature and original composer, who twice won the department composition prize; and a most versatile musician, who plays trumpet and piano equally well in both classical and jazz idioms.  His idea for a Rose Fellowship project -- to explore both the real spaces and attendant metaphors of abandoned cities through musical media -- was already beautifully presaged by his chamber work Hashima, an investigation of just such a place, for which he won Vassar's Jean Slater Edson Prize in 2010.

 Both William Healey's music and his recent career trajectory are nothing short of remarkable. He shows tremendous promise as both a composer and a music director. His compositions exhibit both technical skill and lyricism, they are meticulously constructed, daringly orchestrated, and beautifully phrased. He chooses interesting, contemporary topics that represent a young person’s view of modern life - science, catastrophe and discovery. His interpersonal ability to assemble musicians to perform his and other composers' new compositions also reflects well on his ability to have a high-level career in the competitive field of composition.”