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100 Projects for Peace prize

Sahara Pradhan ’15: One of 100 Projects for Peace

for her project entitled “Ghar Jaun (Let's go home)

Nepal has a youth unemployment rate of 38% with over 2000 young people leaving the country everyday for work as unskilled migrant laborers, only to face harsh working conditions and exploitation. They are almost always deceived, and too often face abuse and even death. … “Ghar Jaun” (“Let’s go home”) is bridging this gap—giving young people a chance to live, work and prosper in their own communities. This project is a professional development internship program for unemployed youth, who would otherwise be driven away from home as migrant laborers. The program will empower these young people and provide them with successful entry into the local workforce as young professionals.

The project will take place in partnership with Socio-Economic Welfare Center for Energetic Women (EWC), a thriving grassroots NGO.

Through an application process, we will select 15 interns to work at EWC who have: completed high school, are 18-23 years old, are socially and economically disadvantaged, and show dedication to professional, personal growth and social change.

The project documents, planning/coordination details, and outcome reports will serve as a model of a successful pilot program for EWC, which EWC will present to current and potential donors to create an annual program.