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Watson Fellowship

Congratulations to Julie Morel who has received the Watson Fellowship for independent study and travel outside the United States!

THE THOMAS J. WATSON FELLOWSHIP:  “The Foundation provides Fellows an opportunity for a focused and disciplined year of their own devising—a period in which they can have some surcease from the lockstep of prescribed educational and career paths in order to explore a particular interest thoroughly.  During their year abroad, Fellows have an unusual, sustained, and demanding opportunity to take stock of themselves, to test their aspiration and abilities, to view their lives and American society in greater perspective, and to develop a more informed sense of international concern.”

Julie Morel

Empowerment of Birthing Women and Their Providers

Guatemala, Ghana, Vietnam, Netherlands

During my Watson year, I will learn about the types of caregivers that attend to maternity healthcare and wellness, and how their roles differ during a woman's pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period. Engaging with midwives, traditional birth attendants, obstetricians, community health workers, community leaders, women's groups, NGOs, government officials, training groups, pregnant women, and mothers I will begin to understand the roles that culture, religion, spirituality, and family play in maternity care practices.

 Watson Fellowship to Send Julie Morel ’19 Around the World