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Watson Fellowship

Congratulations to Maimuna Touray and Kai Greenless who have received the Watson Fellowship for independent study and travel outside the United States!

THE THOMAS J. WATSON FELLOWSHIP:  “The Foundation provides Fellows an opportunity for a focused and disciplined year of their own devising—a period in which they can have some surcease from the lockstep of prescribed educational and career paths in order to explore a particular interest thoroughly.  During their year abroad, Fellows have an unusual, sustained, and demanding opportunity to take stock of themselves, to test their aspiration and abilities, to view their lives and American society in greater perspective, and to develop a more informed sense of international concern.”


Abundant Urban Commons: Technology, Currency, and Food

United Kingdom, Germany, Kenya, Singapore

My project explores international urban commons where communities collectively own, steward, and distribute shared resources such as technology, currency, and food. Living in Smart Cities I will study these commons and build relationships between nonprofits, neighborhoods, and grassroots organizers that are communally sharing resources.


Community Centered Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change

Canada, Dominica, Australia, Indonesia

As climate change progresses, people around the world will experience more frequent and severe environmental stressors. By immersing myself in communities that are affected by permafrost thaw, sea level rise, drought, and hurricanes I will unpack the complex social and environmental systems that lead to effective community adaptation and resilience.