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100 Projects for Peace Awarded to Lauryn Onyore ‘23 For the project entitled: "Usafi Kijijini Ogada"- Proper sanitation in Ogada Village

Lauryn will be working in her home Ogada, a small Kenyan rural village which straddles the border between two of Kenya’s less-populated counties. In her words, “ I want to bring 13 toilets to public locations in Ogada and I want to educate the youth and community members about the adverse effects of human pollution. This project will impact the lives of around 150 school going children and around 120 adults in the village. This is technically my whole village. As a result, we will be saved from communicable water-borne diseases. Moreover, fishing becomes a healthier activity, leads to better income and nutrition by the villagers, and leads to further development. The solution to these problems needs to be sustainable and sanitation education is crucial to the long-term sustainability of this project. Thus, I plan to develop a weekly sanitation education program for the community. When I leave, we will elect “Youth Sanitation Ambassadors” to continue these meetings.”

 …”I expect this project to reduce sanitation-related diseases, to improve the local economy dependent on clean water, and to improve the daily lives and living standards of all villagers. The project will also bring some short-term employment to locals in constructing the toilets, promote a sense of community and will leave a lasting belief that through education, Ogada can solve its own problems. 

The project will be sustainable because we will build long-lasting toilets, we will have an education program to enhance maintenance of the toilets and to increase awareness of the need for proper sanitation. With the proper continuing education and Youth Sanitation Ambassadors in place, the villagers will remember to conserve the environment and the River Migori will once again become a reliable source of livelihood.”