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100 Projects for Peace Awarded to Aden Fischer-Brown '21, Nola Kim Mayer '22 and Kate Walters '21

For their project entitled: makerBoards

"At their core, makerBoards are quite simple. Each board is a plexiglass window on wheels, framed with colorful painted wood. Think: rolling chalkboard, but transparent. The plexiglass both ensures safety and invites people to come together to play from either side of the board. That play can take various forms, based on additions to the board such as dry-erase markers for drawing, instruments for making music, or pieces for a game of checkers. The possibilities for modifications and new activities are endless...

Beyond being a fun and engaging activity, our project is also a prime example of social infrastructure—physical sites that help foster new connections and strengthen community cohesion. With the Projects for Peace grant, our goal is to bring new social infrastructure to communities in the Hudson Valley. Under the guidance of Newburgh’s Fullerton Center, we will work in partnership with local organizations to build makerBoards that will serve as sustainable tools for fostering connections. 

Next summer, we plan to work with the Fullerton Center as a facilitating partner. The Fullerton Center seeks to promote the diverse and culturally dynamic urban environments and communities of Newburgh and the surrounding Hudson Valley. This vision is achieved through supporting and collaborating with artists, non-profits, and other community organizations. As a result of their rich history of community engagement and collaboration, the Fullerton Center represents a network of existing non-profit and community organizations that are collectively working to address the needs of the community. The Fullerton Center’s deep roots in the community offer opportunities for authentic connections where makerBoards and partner visions intersect. We’ve also developed professional relationships with members of their leadership team through the Design for Play competition, and we trust them to guide our efforts and serve as knowledgeable ambassadors for makerBoards after our summer of work. For these reasons, the Fullerton Center is the ideal facilitator of our multiple partnerships."