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Burnam Fellows

2019 Summer Fellows:

Devon Arceneaux ‘22  - Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL), Lafayette, Louisiana. CODOFIL is taking the lead in the efforts to preserve and resurrect Louisiana culture.  This summer Devon will be working as an intern, where he will be helping to organize francophone events and cultural preservation projects.

Kathryn Burke ‘20 -   The Osborne Association, New York.  The Osborne Association is a nonprofit organization that works to transform the flawed U.S. criminal justice system by giving resources and opportunities to convicted individuals and their families.  This program seeks to educate these individuals on drug relapse prevention, coping skills, and anger management, as well as providing health education group sessions.  Kathryn will be working as an intern, surveying incarcerated individuals on their existing healthcare status, in order to connect them with the appropriate physicians who strive to optimize the patient experience for those in the criminal justice system.

Violet Cenedella  ‘22 - Help International, Greece, Violet will conduct theater workshops works in the Ritsona Camp, a refuge camp outside of Athens, Greece. Violet has partnered with Help International, an organization that works in the Ritsona Camp and oversees community engagement spaces.  The project aims to offer refugee girls a medium to share their stories through writing their own monologues and short scenes about their personal experiences.

Sophie Kennen ‘20 - Breakthrough Collaborative, New York, NY.  Breakthrough’s mission is to provide an enriching summer learning opportunity, as well as ongoing academic support and college preparation, for high-achieving, low-income middle schoolers.  As a teaching fellow, Sophie will be co-teaching classes on core academics as well as leading elective courses.

Katerina Pavlidis ‘20 - Refugee, Tourist, Foreigner: Interrogating Greek Xenophobia and Race Relations in 2019, Greece. Katerina, through interviews with both Greek and non-Greek people will examine how participants understand themselves racially and ethnically, especially the differences between Greeks of color and white Greeks, older Greeks and young Greeks.  From those interviews, she will then write a set of essays and poetry in Greek and English based on her observations and ideas.  She will upload this portfolio to a simple and accessible website that can widely distribute to an international audience.

Sara Shirodkar  ‘21  - URJA Trust, India. URJA Trust supports and rehabilitates homeless women who have often been victims of domestic and sexual violence.  URJA’s social workers regularly screen Dadar station, the busiest station in Mumbai that is a transit point for many vulnerable women all over India, to identify those in need. After receiving some training for this project, Sara would accompany the social workers to help identify these women and should they be willing, move them into URJA’s Crisis Shelter.  Sara will help with URJA’s consultative meetings and workshops with local stakeholders, such as railway police, highlighting the issue of homeless young women. This aims to reduce violence through effective surveillance.

Sabrina Surgil  ‘21 - Kara Tepe Refugee Camp, Greece.  Sabrina will be volunteering in Lesvos, Greece at Kara Tepe, a refugee camp comprised of families from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.   Sabrina will be working with Kara Tepe’s families including teaching English and swimming to children and adults, preparing meals and food, and assisting in childcare while parents work on their pending asylum cases.

Anna Thompson  ‘22  -  Oklahoma City Public Schools Mural Project, Oklahoma City, USA. Anna, with the assistance of high school students in the Oklahoma City area, will paint murals at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary and other Oklahoma City Public  Schools that are in desperate need of revival.

Zoe Zahariadis  ’21  -  Kara Tepe Refugee Camp, Greece.  Zoe will be interning at Kara Tepe, a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece that serves primarily families from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  Zoe will be primarily working with the children of the camp, either in daycare while their parents are away or teaching English lessons or other activities.  Her tasks may also include serving food to the asylum seekers and teaching swim lessons to the adults and their children.  Tepe is run by the municipality of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos, alongside help from NGOs such as Médécins sans Frontiers and Emergency Response Center International.