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100 Projects for Peace

Davis World Scholars Program

*******Open to all classes********

How would you like $10,000 to carry out a project that you design?

100 Projects for Peace is an invitation to all undergraduates enrolled at any of the 76 American colleges and universities in the Davis United World College Scholars Program. These students are invited to design grassroots projects for peace that they themselves will implement anywhere in the world during the summer. The 100 projects judged to be the most promising and do-able will be funded at $10,000 each. The objective is to encourage and support today’s motivated youth to create and tryout their own ideas for building peace in the 21st century.The Dean of Studies Office will not fund travel to or study in any area that is under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory level 4 or CDC alert level 3.  The Dean of Studies Office will only fund travel to or study in any area that is under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory level 3 if granted through a petition process. For more information visit: Travel Advisory Policy

Sahara Pradhan ’15: One of 100 Projects for Peace

Jeffrey From ’15 and Emma Redden ’15 spent their summer traveling across the country to speak about the complexities of domestic violence. 

Vassar junior Maria Méndez awarded a Davis Prize for Peace for project in Honduras

Past Projects

Campus Deadline is January 15, this includes letters of recommendation

  1. Use the Recommendation Registration Form to register two people to serve as your referees.  One letter of recommendation and one letter of support: A letter from the organization with which you would work describing the activities and opportunities in which you would be able to participate. Please note: this letter may not be appropriate in all cases. Those proposing more independent projects may not have access to such a letter but should provide an alternate letter from someone who can attest to the opportunity and potential for success of the proposed project. You must register your writers before you submit your application and inform them that the letters are due by the campus deadline. 
  2. Download the Budget Worksheet and complete prior to completing your application. You will need it when you are ready to submit.
  3. Complete the 100 Projects for Peace application and submit it by the campus deadline.

Group Projects:

One applicant should submit a complete application as listed above in #3. Collaborators should follow the steps below.

  1. Use the Recommendation Registration Form to register one letter of recommendation.
  2. Collaborators should complete the Collaborator Application and submit it by the campus deadline.

For Applicants: You must submit your application through the online system as indicated above. Please note that you cannot save information in the application and return to it at a later date. You should save your work in a separate document and enter it all at once when you are ready to submit. 

For Letter Writers: Candidates should register their references through the online application. Once registered, writers will receive a link to this form Letter of Recommendation Submission Form. If you haven't received an email please follow up with the applicant to ensure that you have been registered to write on his/her behalf. You may access this form at any time through this site, however you cannot save information and return to the form at a later date.