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Vassar Funds to Support Academic Work, Fieldwork and Internships

The Friedman Fund has been expended for the 2016–2017 academic year.  Requests for funds from the Academic Enrichment Fund and the Marks Travel Fund are still being accepted. 

Click here for the Application for the funds listed below (Marks, Academic Enrichment and Friedman)

In order to make these funds available to as many students as possible, we limit students to at most one award from one of these funds in a given academic year.  Please note Vassar College does not fund travel to or study in any country that is under US State Department Travel Warning. Applicants should pay close attention to these warnings which can be found easily at www.state.gov.

Recipients of Vassar grant funds will be asked to provide a written report and/or a note to the donors of the Fund at the completion of their project.