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Fulbright Fellowships for Study Abroad

Welcome to the Fulbright competition! Each year Vassar College supports as many as 40+ applicants for Fulbright Grants. This is a wonderful opportunity to propose a carefully constructed, well-researched study abroad project or to participate in teaching English in another country. Please begin by reading the Fulbright website online. If you would like to make an appointment to talk about the process of applying, please do so at any time by calling the office at (845) 437-5263; even over the summer! Questions via email may be directed to LiKooperman@Vassar.edu

From the Fulbright Website:

What does the National Screening Committee look for in reviewing applications?

In general, screening committee members review all documents and supplementary material (in the arts) pertaining to an application. It is important that all required transcripts, letters of recommendation, and language report forms be available for consideration. In addition to these documents, the Statement of Proposed Study is reviewed very carefully. The committee takes into consideration the nature of the project, its originality, the academic preparation for completing the project described, including language proficiency, and the interest of the student as evidenced by any advance research he/she may have done to determine that the resources he/she will need to accomplish his/her proposed project are in fact available in the potential host country.

It is important also that the Personal Statement be completed carefully, since it is through this essay that committee members obtain a picture of the student as a person. Applicants, especially graduating seniors, should include information concerning their future career plans and the effect a Fulbright grant might have on those plans.

Early consultation with faculty members and experts in your field of study is very important. The more specific your project, the better. If you can make contact with resources in the country in which you wish to study your prospects for receiving an award will be enhanced. Unless prohibited in the country-specific description, a letter of affiliation or an agreement to supervise/oversee your work is a definite plus. Try to make a connection. This type of letter will be submitted in addition to the letters of recommendation.

CAMPUS DEADLINE: September 13, this includes all letters of recommendation

In order to be considered for this award through Vassar College please complete a confidentiality waiver and email it to fellowships@vassar.edu

  1. You must register for an on-line application through Embark on the Fulbright website. Once you have access, you may work on the application at any location at which you have web access. In order to be considered for a grant, the application must be submitted electronically through Embark and printed and turned in to the Office for Fellowships by the Vassar Campus deadline. Alumni should send the application via the post or fax. Please include a list of your recommenders and language evaluator with the hard copy.
  2. All supporting documentation (letters of evaluation, affiliation and transcripts) should be submitted electronically through Embark by the campus deadline; review the process for submitting supporting documentation handout
  3. Contact your referees as soon as possible. When they agree to write a letter in support of your application you should offer to provide a resume and/or copy of your personal statement so that they can learn more about you. Once you create an account and indicate who your referees will be, they will automatically receive an email with instructions and the appropriate form for the letter.
  4. You will be asked to set up an interview with a member of the Committee on Fellowships to discuss your proposed study; interviews will be assigned after you submit your application.
  5. The Committee on Fellowships reviews each application carefully and completes the campus evaluation form. Vassar College will forward to the Fulbright Commission all appropriately completed applications for a Fulbright award. We do not select or nominate at the campus level for this award. We are here to work as your advocates as you put forth your application.

We are happy to support alumni in the competition, currently enrolled students must apply through the campus committee process.

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