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Resources for Faculty

Many fellowship applications now have a standardized application form which requires the applicant to register their letters writers within the form; once registered, writers will receive a link via email to this form. There are some national fellowships that have their own application system which includes the submission of letters of recommendation (Fulbright, Goldwater, and Marshall), while others ask for letters to be submitted to the national foundation only after the applicant has received endorsement from the college (Churchill, Rhodes, Luce, and Chinese Government).

You can view the forms at any time by clicking on this links below.  Please note that you cannot save information and revisit it so please be prepared to submit your letter when you go to the form. You will need to know the name of the fellowship that the applicant is applying for in order to access the appropriate form.

Vassar College Letter of Recommendation Submission Form 

What Makes for Strong Letters of Recommendation

Avoiding Gender Bias in Reference Writing

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters

Writing Recommendation Letters: A Faculty Handbookby Joe Schall

The book covers everything from ethical issues of writing letters to matters of form to the specifics of letters for nine national scholarships.  The book also includes about 30 sample letters of recommendation written by faculty from a variety of schools.
By comparison to the print edition, the online handbook includes updated material on emerging and evolving topics such as the role of criticism and the legal issues of recommendation letters.  It also includes new material on tailoring letters for specific disciplines and recommending students aiming at law school or med school.  Further, because the book is an on-line resource, there are frequent links to other on-line materials on related subjects. 

Pomona College: Asking for a Letter of Reference

Guidelines for British Fellowships Letter Writers

Writing a Recommendation for the Fulbright Grant

Psychology Today

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, she has put together the following articles that will be helpful to you: The Ultimate Guide to Recommendations

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Reader Response Roundup: 5 Principles for Writing Effective Letters of Recommendation for Grad School Applicants