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St. Andrew's Scholarship for Study in Scotland

Initiated by the Society at its 200th anniversary in 1956, the Saint Andrews’s Society Scholarship Program currently provides funds of $35,000 to be used initially against tuition, then board, transportation and other expenses.

In recognition of the benefits of higher education, the Society provides significant funding for two Scottish graduate students to study in the United States and three American students of Scottish heritage to study in Scotland.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Senior undergraduate students who will obtain a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in the Spring of 2019 and can demonstrate the significance of studying in Scotland.
  • Proof of application to their selected school will be required for finalists.

Candidates should possess the qualifications which will enable them to be good ambassadors for the United States while in Scotland. The basis for selection shall include the student's:

  • Academic achievement
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Financial need
  • Statement of personal objectives
  • Some Scottish descent
  • Proof of US citizenship

Application Instructions: Campus Deadline November 8, this includes letters of recommendation

  1. To gain access to the application you must schedule an appointment to meet with Lisa Kooperman by calling the office at x5263
  2. Contact your referees as soon as possible. Once they agree to write on your behalf you will register them to submit a letter using the Recommendation Registration FormYou must register your writers before you submit your application and inform them that the letters are due by the campus deadline.
  3. You will upload your transcripts and a confidentiality waiver (if you do not have one on file) using the Recommendation Registration Form, please be prepared to do this when you go to complete the Recommendation Registration form.
  4. Submit a PDF version of the application and any other supplemental materials to fellowships@vassar.edu by the campus deadline. 
  5. You will have an interview with the Dean of Studies which will take place in the fall after the November 8 deadline.

For Letter Writers: Candidates should register their references through the Vassar College online application for the campus deadline. Once registered, writers will receive a link to this Letter of Recommendation Submission Form. If you haven't received an email please follow up with the applicant to ensure that you have been registered to write on his/her behalf. You may access this form at any time through this site, however you cannot save information and return to the form at a later date.