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Application Timeline


  • MCAT registration for the January- May test dates
  • Visit the MCAT webpage to learn more about registration and score release

November- December

  • Call the office to schedule an appointment with a premed adviser to discuss your plans
  • Formalize your plan for studying for the MCAT

January - February

  • Open a file in the Pre-Health Advising Office
  • Indicate your preferences for a faculty pre-health advisor
  • Start requesting letters of recommendations
  • Follow up with the office to have official request sent to recommenders
  • Start thinking about your personal statement
  • Start compiling your list of activities
  • Meet with your faculty pre-health adviser to discuss your application


  • You must request at least three letters of recommendation from Vassar faculty  by March 1 for your file, additional letters should also be requested at this time
  • Begin studying for the MCAT (if you haven’t already)


  • Dental applicants should register for DAT and take the test no later than June
  • Take the MCAT by the end of June to have the primary completed early


  • Study Week: Attend meeting on campus with the premed interns
  • Access AMCAS (MD) and begin filling out the application
  • AACOMAS (DO) and ADDSAS (dental) submission opens in May
  • TMDSAS application is available online (Texas medical and dental schools)
  • Request transcripts to be sent to the application service (check “after spring grades are released”)
  • Be sure to have transcripts sent from any college level work you have done (not just Vassar)
  • Check the status of your file on Moodle for letters of recommendation…often!


  • Letters of recommendation due in the office June 1 (or earlier)
  • AMCAS application opens for submission ~June 1
  • Send Letter of Recommendation Request form from AMCAS to the office
  • Register the office through ADDSAS (dental), AACOMAS and TMDSAS


  • Submit primary application by mid July
  • Submit secondary applications…don’t wait for the deadlines to submit…early is better!

In order to receive the full support of the committee, which includes a composite letter of recommendation, the following items have to be satisfied by July 15:

  • you must have requested at least three letters of recommendation from Vassar faculty;

  • your primary application must be submitted to the respective administrative service;

  • and you must have completed the MCAT by July of the year you are applying

Otherwise the committee reserves the right to not provide a formal composite letter of evaluation written by your premed advisor and reviewed by the committee. The individual letters of recommendation in your file will be forwarded to the schools with an accompanying generic cover letter.

September - December

  • Continue with secondary applications as directed by the schools

  • Respond to interview invitations …schedule a mock interview with a prehealth adviser (Skype is an option for alumni), we can offer mock MMIs for local applicants and those on campus

  • Acceptance notifications begin


  • Send fall transcripts and other updates to schools still considering your application

  • Discuss your plans with your prehealth adviser and Ms. Kooperman


  • May 15: You must make a decision and can only hold one place in a medical school

  • Schools accept off wait lists through July

AMCAS Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Service: You should complete the LOR section in AMCAS indicating that you will receive a “committee letter,” list your faculty premed advisor as the author. After doing so you will indicate in the application which schools should have access to your letter; send a PDF of the letter request form to

AACOMAS, TMDSAS and ADDSAS letter request

Complete the evaluation request in the respective system using and send your application ID to the office (AACOMAS, TMDSAS, DentPin)

MD/PhD:  In addition to the composite all of the individual letters of recommendation are posted for the dual degree programs. Applicants will need a separate letter ID for this purpose. Complete the request indicating that you will receive a “letter packet” and list Lisa Kooperman as the author.

If you are applying to both MD and MD/PhD programs you will need a letter ID for both programs following the instructions above. (This means that you could potentially have three letter IDs)

Any schools that do not participate in the letter request service are handled on a case by case basis.

The Premed Applicant Moodle Site is a place for you to monitor your letters of recommendation and gain access to a variety of resources intended to support you through the application process. Shortly after your adviser assignment is made you will have access to the site, log on and check it out!

Go to the “Grades” function and look at your user report, there you will see the name of the person you requested a letter from, if it says “yes” next to the name we have the letter…otherwise we do not. It’s that easy!

The Composite Letter Queue You will enter the “queue” when your file in the office is complete (we have received all of your letters) and your primary application is processed. The date you enter the queue will be listed in Moodle. You can check the status of your app in the respective application system anytime.  It can take 4-6 weeks for your app to process so be sure to submit early! Your letter will be sent within ~3-4 weeks after you enter the queue.

Please be sure to allow your information to be released to Vassar College. We will not have access to your actual app, but will be able to download your list of schools, check on the status of your application and view statistics for Vassar College. This is important to us since we are supporting your application!

This timeline is subject to change. Please consult with your adviser often and stay in touch with the pre-health advising office.